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Read through our beautiful letters from families who have children enrolled.

“My boys, who are now in first and third grade, still talk about Miss Rita on a daily basis.  The influence she had on their lives was nothing short of amazing.  It is hard to be a working mother, but knowing that I was leaving my children with someone who genuinely loved them and wanted them to learn and grow made it much easier.

When I asked my boys what their favorite thing about being at Miss Rita’s was, they couldn’t think of just one!  My oldest, Sam, remembers the focus on science and animals and how she would let them catch bugs and snakes and study them.  He loved the field trips to the farm and the Pumpkin Patch and helping to grow things in the garden.  Nicholas talks about how Miss Rita would sing him his own special song at nap time and everything he learned about Jesus and the Saints.  He also speaks very highly of her culinary skills!

I knew Rita loved my boys, but until they entered school, I had no idea how much more she was teaching them than the average day care.  Their teachers were amazed, not only at their academic abilities, but their social skills as well.  Rita has been a true blessing in our lives and will always be a part of our family!”

Jeana T.

“Miss Rita has been a great teacher for my boys Sam and Nick (ages 8 and 6).  My family has a long history of attending the Montessori Learning Home.  My sister has 3 girls, that all attended from the age of 3 until they were in grade school.  My boys attended since they were 3, until they went on to grade school as well.  I must say that I noticed right away that they were ahead of the curve when they got into St. Pius.  Their reading levels, as well as math skills, were rated top notch right at the start.

Miss Rita is very skilled in her approach to the Montessori way of teaching.  One of my kids is very detail oriented and the other is very artistic.  She found ways to adapt her teaching to the type of personality they had.  I think Nicky sang his way to learning everything :).

Things that I don’t feel other schools offer are the real life learning skills.  She has them help cook the meals, plant the garden, harvest the gardens’ goods and teach each other at times.  Her alumni enjoy returning to her school to share their experiences of “higher learning” to the others.

She is rooted in the Christian upbringing of our children and it is obvious that they have learned well from the Montessori experience.

Thank you Miss Rita for all you have done for our family.”Sincerely, Toby, Jeana, Sam and Nick T.

Toby, Jeana, Sam and Nick T.

Having a solid educational foundation is critical for future success. Rita cultivates even more than an academic foundation; she inspires the students to be caring and sensitive individuals.  At the Montessori Learning Home relationships are developed, a love for learning is fostered and the development of the whole child is emphasized. Students are stimulated and challenged through hands-on work and are empowered to become loving people toward each other and all of creation.  Rita is one of the most peace filled people we know and we are full of gratitude for all she has done for our family.

Our daughters enjoyed and looked forward to each and every day of their years at the Montessori Learning Home.  They enjoyed it so much that they were sad on the first day of their last year there—they didn’t want it to be over!!  (we reminded them they still had an entire year left!) Now, our older daughters look forward to vacation days from school so they can return to the Montessori Learning Home for a “booster shot” of the spirit from Rita.”  With much gratitude,  Julie, Kory, Maia, Lydia, & Naomi D.

Julie, Kory, Maia, Lydia, & Naomi D

“The Montessori Learning Home (MLH) is a true gift for us.  The environment is creative, gentle, fun-loving and most of all, fosters a great sense of caring and respect among the students and Miss Rita.  We feel very fortunate to be part of such a special, life-changing experience each day. Miss Rita is a true gem and the curriculum is both thoughtful and joyful for the children.

What we love most about the Montessori Learning Home is the holisitic approach to learning.  Our son is nurtured daily– physically, mentally and spiritually through his play and experiences with Miss Rita and the other children.”

Pam G.

“We have three children who attended MLH from age 3 through kindergarten, spanning 10 years. Miss Rita provides a warm, loving, Catholic learning environment that allows the children to thrive in their social, physical and mental development. Between the field trips she plans to the special activities during the day, the children are encouraged to discover and learn about nature, math, science, art, music, reading, writing and mostly themselves, others, and God. I recommend the Montessori Learning Home highly to anyone looking for a quality preschool education for their child.”
Audrey B.

“The MLH has been an amazing place for my two boys to be.  We even had a  chance for my speech impaired child to attend a special preschool for children who have hearing and speech difficulties for free 5 days a  week however we felt Evan was getting so many excellent spiritual and  educational advances from Miss Rita and that we chose pay to send him  to preschool at the MLH instead. When you find the right person and place for your young child to be you don’t let go of it easily and that is how we feel about Miss Rita and the MLH.  We are more than willing to make sacrifices to make sure our children get the opportunity to come here because their early years are so formative.”
Kathy M.