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Learning Principles


Our Learning Principles

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

In additon to the classroom at MLH, there is the atrium of Our Lady of Schoenstatt. This sacred space allows the children to use simple but beautiful materials which invites them to prayer and and gives them the opportunity to the learn scripture and Liturgy.


Teaches the care of one’s self and environment.  Activities include: food preparation, sweeping, bean pouring, flower arranging, and more.


The art of learning about children’s surroundings by using the five senses. Examples of activities include: color tiles, pink tower, red rods, brown stairs, smelling jars, and rough and smooth work.


Using Mortensen Math children learn basic mathematical skills including counting, adding and subtracting, as well as an introduction to fractions, the clock, and calendar.


Spalding Phonics is used to enhance the Montessori Method by teaching letter sounds, word formation and language, and proper hand-writing skills.  A wide variety of literature is read to the children each day to enrich their learning experiences.


Teaches children about the solar system, seven continents, various countries, land formation, people and their customs, and more.


Introduces children to nature, animals, plants, chemistry, insects, gardening, shells and rocks, and the human body. These are just some of the topics covered.


Children experiment with finger painting, tempera, stencils, clay, sewing, collages, and more.